Initial Consultation

Let’s spend 30 minutes discussing your business goals and how I can help.

Usually takes place via telephone or virtual meeting (Skype, Zoom, etc).

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“I’m thinking about getting a PPM Tool…”

Then talk to me first about;

  • which tools could be the right solution for your situation
  • what is typically involved in an implementation
  • how to prepare for demonstrations with software vendors
  • questions to ask prospective partners

Usually takes place via telephone or virtual meeting (Skype, Zoom, etc).


PPM TOOLS: Setting your organisation up for success

PPM software vendors will only provide configuration services and functional training as part of their implementation consultancy package.

However there are several crucial change management activities that your organisation will need to complete before, during and after go-live as well as project management for time, cost and quality.

In this on-site workshop we bring together key stakeholders from across the organisation to explore how you can maximise the value achieved from your investment over the longer term with things like;

  • increasing the bandwidth of your PMO
  • eliciting, validating and communicating requirements
  • training and supporting your teams through enhanced processes and new ways of working