My story

I grew up in a family with a long tradition of self-employment; it gave me an early insight into just how much a “one-man band” needs to do for themselves, plus perspective on living without a regular, reliable income.

When I left school, getting a job working for someone else was very different – I had a boss, regular hours and could rely on being paid a certain amount each month.

Over time, I worked across all aspects of business operations – finance, IT, sales, marketing, and customer service – before shifting my focus to projects, introducing changes to business-as-usual operations with as little disruption as possible.

Having a family prompted my move into self-employment, as I was living to work rather than working to live. I also felt that I had become a professional square peg in a round hole, as the breadth of business knowledge I had accumulated did not neatly fit into one role for one organisation, and I had so much more to offer.

Now, all those years of valuable experience are available directly as specialised virtual assistant and online business management services designed to inform, perform and transform your small business.

Running a business

My mission

I take pride in my ability to provide you with maximum value, without compromising on quality.

I am committed to delivering you an exceptional service tailored to your small business needs, enabling you to maximise your time and resources.

I believe in building long-term relationships underpinned by trust, integrity and a desire for sustainable success.

I am dedicated to streamlining your operations, enhancing productivity and achieving growth.

I enable you to focus on what really matters – your customers.

My values

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