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This week I’ll be heading to 2 PMO-focused events in London, as 2019 gets into full swing;

The Role of an Effective PMO in Successful Project and Programme Delivery

This joint session with PMO Learning and BCS Project Management SG will consider the role an effective PMO can play in driving and supporting successful delivery; considering how to engage with the PMO and identify how best they can help, and some of the challenges when dealing with PMOs (particularly an ineffective PMO), exploring strategies and tactics to get the best from them.

I’m looking forward to an evening spent from the perspective of the customer!

Really Learning Lessons – a Mini-Masterclass

Project management professionals try to use the experience gained from running a project to improve the way that they run future projects.

A lot of the time, organisations do little or nothing more than document their experience and perhaps file it away, so this is less like lessons learned and more lessons identified, or even worse, lessons ignored.

Some people in the project management community think that the practice of lessons learned is so broken that it is not worth doing in its currently accepted form. However, Ken Burrell from Pragmatic PMO thinks there is still value to be had.

Ken will be looking at how organisations learn from the experience of running projects, and how this can go wrong. He will offer some ways to fix the failures that can creep in at the various stages of the learning process, and some solutions by examining why this happens.

As someone who has been passionate about this topic for as long as I have known him, I’m looking forward to learning some valuable lessons from Ken’s session.

Getting Started with Data and Visualisations

A link to the recent article published on the PMO Flashmob website (free registration required to view in full).