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How to wow your stakeholders with highly visual, engaging information

This week I hosted a sponsored webinar for PMO Flashmob with Rupert Taylor, MD at Kivue and Pro4 Solutions. Rupert gave the audience some key insight into what executives are looking for from the information they receive, and demonstrated how innovative tools like vBAR and Perform provide a simple, visual view of projects that encourage stakeholders to get involved.

PMO practitioners are keen for some more creative inspiration for visualising data – something I’ll be exploring further in future posts and in the PMO Break Out Area on Facebook.

If you couldn’t make it to the live session, click the picture to access the on-demand video and some visual notes.

PMO KPIs, Metrics and Measures

At the next PMO Managers’ Dinner – taking place in Manchester on 20th November – we will be exploring what current PMO practitioners have in place when it comes to demonstrating the value they add or the benefits to the organisation of existing, plus the different types of measurement that PMOs have used and are using – and how to measure.

The discussion will contribute to the next edition of Inside PMO, an annual report from PMO Flashmob which is created from contributions from leading PMO Managers on key PMO themes.