Data Analysis & Insight

Unlock the hidden value from your data

Better business decisions

Expectations from data-driven strategies are now higher than ever.

Yet still more than 70% of business leaders report that their data is underutilised*.

Insights remain undiscovered, with businesses still unable to connect the dots and maximise the value of their data, information and knowledge.

You may be surprised to learn how much of this can be achieved without the need to invest in expensive new analytics solutions.

Some carefully selected Key Performance Indicators could be all it takes to get early warning when things are going off track, and enable you to make actionable data-informed decisions.

What do you wish you knew more about now, so you could influence the future for your business?


*IDG 2020 “Big Data Business: 9 Trends Shaping the Future of Data Analytics”

Profit & loss

Understand the true costs of getting your products into customers' hands.


Find new opportunities and keep your existing buyers happy.

More for less

Find efficiencies in your existing processes and optimise your supply chain.

Which way next?

Explore the alternative paths BEFORE you set out on the journey.

What we offer

Ask the right questions

We'll help you to identify these questions by defining the business problem or opportunity, the areas needing more research, and then planning the analytics-based approach.

Find the right data

We can advise you on the best ways to plan data collection, decide which data sets to use, then validate the quality and relevance of that data.

Analyse & Explore

We've got almost 30 years of tools, techniques and best practices to share that will inform, perform and transform your business data into actionable insights for growth.

Understand the audience

By knowing what is important to your customers, we'll help you to translate your findings into stories that resonate and to communicate them with lasting impact.

Make it happen

By recommending action, developing plans to implement change and delivering those changes successfully.

Community of practice

Continue to explore ways to build a data-informed culture that demonstrates value and enables decision intelligence.

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