Project Management

Manage change efficiently and effectively

A poorly delivered change could put you out of business – and the project management skills required to deliver change successfully are very different from those required for business-as-usual activities that provide your products or services to customers on a day-to-day basis.

Projects are the most common way to deliver change, with the goal to achieve the expected benefits whilst maximising your return on investment (ROI).

With successful delivery as the primary focus, I can lead the project management work required to plan, monitor and control – and to achieve your project goals within time, cost and quality.



I'll work with you to define the what, when, who, where and how of your change


I'll track how well the work in progress matches the plan, acting as the point of contact for all relevant parties


I'll ensure that the right people have the right information to make decisions, and take corrective actions when needed

Project management services

Financial management

Create budgets, forecast costs, track expenditures and seek ways to maximise your return on investment

Risk management

Assess potential risks and opportunities, and develop mitigation strategies to make sure the project stays one step ahead

Post-project review

Capture valuable learnings from all parties so that future projects can make the most of the experience

Take the first step towards successful change

Growth Through Knowledge can deliver new products, services, events or internal business changes.