Project Management

Successful delivery starts here

Change is constant

With so much change happening all around us, there is a real need to manage it more efficiently and effectively.

Projects are the most common vehicle used to deliver change and the ultimate goal is to achieve the desired benefits whilst maximising return on investment (ROI).

A poorly delivered change could put you out of business, but the project management skills required to deliver change successfully are very different from those required for the operational, business-as-usual activities that provide your products or services to customers on a day-to-day basis.





Focus and motivation

With successful delivery as our primary focus, Growth Through Knowledge can lead the work required to plan, monitor and control delivery throughout the project lifecycle – and achieve your project goals within time, cost and quality.

We can even help you to develop a delivery framework that reduces resistance to change, confusion and rework across your business during future projects.

Project management services


We'll work with you to define the what, when, who, where and how of your project and help you to communicate this effectively.


We'll track how well the work in progress matches the plan, acting as the point of contact and interface between all relevant parties.


We'll take corrective actions, making the right information available to the right people at the right time to make decisions.

Risk management

We'll watch out for potential problems or opportunities and make sure the project stays one step ahead.

Financial management

We'll provide cost forecasts, track expenditure against budget and seek ways to maximise your return on investment.

Post project review

We'll make sure valuable learnings are captured from all parties so that future projects can make the most of the experience.

Project management

We can deliver new products, services, events or internal business changes - book a call now and tell us more about what you want to achieve..