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As the director of a limited company, you have several key responsibilities to ensure that you act within the law and in the best interests of your small business.

My company secretarial services are an accessible way for small businesses to receive the comprehensive support and assistance they need to manage corporate governance, legal compliance, and administrative responsibilities that bigger companies enjoy.

Investing in company secretarial services is a wise and cost-effective decision for a small business owner. With support, you can avoid costly mistakes, keep on top of your statutory duties and effectively manage any risks that could put you out of business.

My company secretarial services are competitively priced, and the return on investment you’ll achieve through streamlined compliance, enhanced governance and the ability to focus your efforts on growing your business rather than running it will far outweigh the cost.

Task List


Benefit from my wealth of experience, with access to best-in-class solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.


My commitment to excellence means you can be confident that your compliance and governance needs are in safe hands.


Your success is my priority, and I am dedicated to supporting you and your small business to achieve sustainable, long-term growth.

Company Secretarial services

Regulatory filings

Maintain records, prepare and file key information about shareholders, directors, and the registered office address accurately and on time - every time.

Corporate Governance

Maintain effective business practices, including accountability structures and internal controls.

Compliance with regulations

Ensure your small business complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including those related to employment, health and safety, and data protection.

Risk management

Assess potential risks to your small business and develop risk mitigation strategies. This will give you peace of mind and protect your financial, operational, and reputational interests.

Contracts & documentation

Draft and review resolutions, agreements and contracts to ensure legality and enforceability should the need arise.

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