Virtual PMO

Would your business benefit from greater support and guidance with delivering change, without the overhead of a full-time employee?  Then our virtual PMO services are ideal for you!

Available as a subscription-based service that suits you – Book your call now to explore the options available.

There are several reasons why your organisation would benefit from a virtual PMO service;  start by seeing if any of these scenarios sound familiar…

The opportunity cost of doing things badly

The delivery of change is a necessary part of driving business growth, but often we expect people to manage these activities as part of their day-to-day roles, with little support or guidance around how to do this effectively and efficiently.

We also struggle to get to “done” or to realise all of the anticipated benefits of the change; it takes longer and costs more, it doesn’t embed as well as it might have, and the impact is lost. Change done badly often has a detrimental effect on staff morale, resulting in poor performance and rising sickness or attrition rates.

What if you had a subscription to a virtual PMO service, providing guidance, support, templates, processes, with access to tips and tricks based on a wide range of experience?

The challenges of operating globally

Having access to the best talent means that flexible and remote working is becoming more common – resulting in geographically dispersed teams who may even operate in different time zones. The need for a central point of contact to provide better visibility, enhanced communication and to encourage collaboration is greater than ever.

It may be difficult to determine where best to site an employee or contract resources, so having a virtual PMO service in place can provide much more flexibility.

PPM system administration

If you have a PPM solution (tool), you also need to administrate it – providing tailored user support in line with your ways of working. Third line support is usually something which no-one internally has the time or interest to do, but your organisation will be expected to cover things like;

  • onboarding and offboarding users
  • keeping user access and permissions updated in line with activities
  • amending the work or organisational hierarchy
  • building dashboards and reports, and monitoring data quality

These are not items that your IT help desk will cover, and often need to be completed outside of office hours – work ideally suited to a virtual PMO service.

Remember – vendor support contracts typically cover technical issues only, and their additional consultancy hours are expensive!

Talk to us about what your business needs!

Perhaps it’s help with;

  • reporting packs for monthly governance boards or steering groups
  • facilitation of risk management sessions, followed by updates to the registers
  • project health checks or assurance-based activities including audits
  • preparing project managers for Stage Gate reviews
  • an experienced secretariat for strategic or tactical meetings

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