Resource management

We can provide initial resource management set-up expertise, or an ongoing subscription-based service – helping you to make sure you have enough people with the right skills available at the right time, in the right place, and that they are deployed as efficiently and effectively as possible across your business.

What we offer

  • Supply and demand management, providing views of current utilisation and availability
  • Views of up-coming availability, in line with your planning horizon
  • Advanced warning of pinch-points or constraints which may impact the successful delivery of initiatives or activities
  • Proactive identification of under-utilised capacity
  • Forecasting of future resource requirements, based on tactical and strategic business planning
  • Alignment with existing HR policies and procedures, for optimised resource management

You may also want us to

  • Partner with HR, Talent Acquisition and Procurement – to plan, initiate and track sourcing activities
  • On-board, induct and off-board people (roll-off, redeployment or retirement, in line with business needs)
  • Manage contracts for agency workers and third party service providers, including extensions/renewals as required
  • Facilitate succession planning for key roles
  • Provide strategies for developing key skills and competencies
  • Develop standard role descriptions and job profiles
  • Set-up and monitor time recording
  • Improve associated financial management – with cost tracking, cost centres for people or work, or cross-charging of services

What you’ll get

  • A database of people, skills, location and availability – plus other information specifically required by your business
  • Ways to capture ongoing resource requirements
  • Active monitoring and tracking, providing views of who is doing what, where and for how long
  • Management information to support the service, and facilitate strategic and/or tactical decision-making

What you’ll achieve

  • A higher proportion of work will be delivered on time, on budget and to the required standards
  • The right capabilities and capacity will be in place to deliver successfully
  • Stronger prioritisation, approval, compliance and sponsorship
  • Credibility of, confidence in and support for change will increase across the business
  • Greater visibility of data, which will help to provide insights that inform future decision-making

What to do next

Book your call now for a free, initial discussion to explore how our resource management services can help YOUR business.