Portfolio Build and Change Initiative Prioritisation

Decision support to enable the identification, selection and prioritisation of business and IT change initiatives

We will work with you to facilitate the effective planning of strategy implementation by;

  • establishing a framework for categorising initiatives
  • enabling assessment for strategic alignment, cost/benefit (value) and risk
  • developing a clear portfolio entry criteria
  • outlining a Roadmap for delivery
  • helping you to determine whether to reduce commitments or increase delivery capacity

This includes;

  • enabling the identification of initiatives that cannot be justified
  • providing analysis of unsuccessful initiatives, to inform future strategic decisions and priorities

Feedback and measurement will be communicated to those responsible for strategy, providing insight into portfolio performance that can inform future decision-making.

Strategic planning may happen annually or more frequently, depending on the nature of your business.

We would look to begin the engagement with you as the overall business goals for the period have been defined, communicated and agreed – and as departmental objectives begin to translate into proposed change initiatives, with supporting business cases and investment appraisals.


  • A register for current and potential initiatives
  • A framework for assessing and comparing initiatives
  • Categorisation guidelines
  • Portfolio baselining and optimisation guidelines
  • Achievability / Affordability analysis
  • Lessons learned review

The service may also include the implementation of tooling to facilitate portfolio planning and analysis.


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Areas where value is realised;

  • Improved support of Business Directives
  • Improved credibility with and confidence from across the business
  • Increased insight from visibility of portfolio data
  • A higher proportion of initiatives which are fit for purpose

Pains typically relieved by this service include;

  • Weak change prioritisation, approval, compliance and sponsorship
  • Having the right capabilities and capacity in place to deliver