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The modern workplace

There are now over 100 million monthly active users of Microsoft 365 worldwide.

Microsoft is no longer just Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

But has anyone ever explained to you what exactly IS available now – and how to make the best use of it?

It’s time to find out how to make the most of your investment in Microsoft 365 to run your business and get it helping you to work smarter, not making you work harder.


Work online or offline, with full version history

Cloud file storage

Access your files anywhere, from any device


Protect your data, information and intellectual property


Simplify team work and optimise collaboration

How hard is your technology working for you?

  • Which Microsoft 365 subscription plan is right for you?
  • When should you use OneDrive or SharePoint?
  • What are the differences between Teams, Zoom and Google Meet?
  • Why are you being double-booked, or missing important appointments in your calendar?
  • How can you share files securely?
  • How can you protect your business for remote and/or mobile device-based working?

Our Microsoft 365 services

Business Support Plans

Just getting started, making the most of what you've got, or putting your plans into action - with prices starting at just £49 per month and discounts for annual plans.

Security Healthcheck

A review of your Microsoft 365 set up, with recommendations and actions to improve your information security - we can even carry out those actions for you and provide ongoing monitoring. Prices start from £99.

Improvement projects

Whether its moving files between systems, creating an intranet to improve communications, or migrating users from another platform - tell us what you'd like to achieve and we'll help you to find the best way to do it.

Guidance & Training

Need an in-depth How-to session on Excel?
An explanation of SharePoint?
Some reference materials for your staff?
We can deliver what you need, online or in person.

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