Microsoft 365 Security Health Check

Be productive and stay secure

Is your business as secure as it could be?

The challenge is real for small businesses.

Are you safe from cyber threats like malicious links, malware, phishing, impersonation, spoofing and ransomware?

Small businesses face similar threats to big corporates but many don’t have the same levels of protection.

Since 2020 the average cost of business downtime associated with ransomware attacks has increased by almost 100% and over the past year there has been a 300% increase in ransomware attacks – with more than 50% of these directed at small businesses.

Even before COVID increased remote working and the use of personal devices, there was a 250% increase in phishing email detections.

Some key questions to ask now include:

  • Who can access your system, what can they access, and can others be invited in without your knowledge?
  • How are user logins checked and passwords managed?
  • Which third party applications can be used, and who can download and install them?
  • Are emails protected from viruses, unsafe attachments or malicious links?
  • Where does sensitive information live, and is it protected as well as it can be?
  • Who has administrator access?
  • Who has access using personal or mobile devices?
  • Which third party applications can be used, and who can download or install them

Retain access to critical business applications

Protect from increased cyber threats & attacks

Safeguard confidential business & customer data

Secure personal & company devices

The good news is that a Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription can help you to improve your business information security AND lower your operational costs.

By taking a layered approach to security, Business Premium provides several lines of defence against increasingly sophisticated attacks in one comprehensive package. 

Time to upgrade?

If you don't currently subscribe to Microsoft 365 Business Premium but want to know more about the enhanced protection an upgrade could offer your business, then book a call and we'll explain the key differences between subscription types.

Don't leave your business exposed any longer

Here at Growth Through Knowledge, we make use of our Microsoft Partner status to offer you a security health check which is in line with the Microsoft Security Framework.

With secure access we can carry out the Health check remotely and provide you with a full report outlining the findings.

We can explain the findings to you in more detail if you add a follow up call to your booking, and we can also discuss the next steps you want to take to minimise risks whilst optimising your operational costs.


Health Check only
£ 99
  • Carry out Health Check
  • Provide full report


Health Check + guidance
£ 149
  • Carry out Health Check
  • Provide full report
  • Follow up call


Health Check + actions
£ 199
  • Carry out Health Check
  • Provide full report
  • Follow up call
  • Implement security baseline

Security Health Check

Set up

We'll make sure your overall services and policies are configured for secure remote work, including Cloud and/or on-premise identity, sign-in methods and email set up.

Identity Protection

We'll review administrative access, set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to prevent passwords from being compromised, enable password resets and security information registration.

Email Protection

We'll ensure that defences against spam, viruses and phishing are enabled; we can also configure policies that provide you with real-time protection, based on your own specific business needs.

Information Governance

We'll focus on policies that protect against accidental data leakage, plus GDPR considerations for retention and sensitivity -along with email protection both inside and outside your business.

Teams security

Take advantage of additional options for Team expiration and renewal; manage who can create, join and interact in each Team; limit access to files in OneDrive and SharePoint, and make sure you can recover them if mistakes are made.

Device security & remote access

Get visibility into the devices that connect, make sure business data can be restricted or removed completely, and prevent those with risky features from connecting at all. Perhaps Remote or Virtual Desktop access is better for your business?

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