Business apps & tools

Make the most of technology in your small business

Growth Through Knowledge offers advice and guidance with digital apps and tools which is aimed at small business owners just like you.

I will help you to make informed decisions about which digital apps and tools will best suit your business needs and contribute to your success.

By selecting and implementing the right digital apps and tools for your small business, you will streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Small Business Owner

Business wants & needs

Which areas of your business will benefit most, what is your return on investment likely to be, and are you ready to make the most of going digital?

Features & functionality

It could be security and privacy, compatibility or mobile accessibility that are top of the list for your small business.

Flexibility & scalability

How much training and support is available to get started, when technology evolves and as your business needs change.
Business Management Solutions

I can help you with

Options analysis & selection

Which apps or tools best fit my requirements and budget?
Is there an app or tool available which meets my specific industry needs?

Configuration & customisation

How quickly can I get up and running?
Will I need custom fields or to collect specific data?

Training & support

What customer service and support does the vendor provide?
How can I get the most out of my investment?

Ask Me Anything!

Advice & guidance
£ 25 per request
  • Ad hoc questions or queries
  • "Do you know if ...?"

Power Hour

Complete a specific task
£ 50 per hour
  • Automate a workflow
  • New user set up


Starting from
£ 99 per month
  • 3 x Ask Me Anything! requests
  • 1 x Power Hour
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Business apps & tools

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