Build, plan and prioritise your change portfolio

Strategic planning may happen annually or more frequently, depending on the nature of your business. Once those overall goals and objectives for the period have been defined, you’ll need to build, plan and prioritise your change portfolio to deliver on these across your business – and achieve the commitments that you’ve agreed with and communicated to your staff, shareholders and customers.

We can help you to build, plan and prioritise your change portfolio, and to make effective decisions about the initiatives designed to deliver on those commitments.

What we do

  • Establish a framework for categorising and selecting change initiatives
  • Assess strategic alignment, cost/benefit (value) and risk
  • Develop a clear portfolio entry criteria
  • Determine whether to reduce delivery commitments or increase capacity
  • Outline a delivery Roadmap

How we do it

  • Run facilitated workshops within and across the various business functions and/or departments, including key suppliers where required
  • Review plans for change alongside other business activities – to minimise risk and “change fatigue”, and to encourage successful adoption
  • Ensure that proposed initiatives are supported by robust business cases and investment appraisals
  • Identify delivery milestones and inter-dependencies between initiatives, departments and suppliers
  • Build “What If?” scenarios

What you’ll get

  • A register of selected initiatives, plus analysis of those which didn’t make the cut based on the current strategy
  • A framework for assessing and comparing initiatives, with categorisation guidelines
  • Portfolio base-lining and optimisation guidelines
  • Agreed standards for business cases and investment appraisals
  • Visibility of milestones and dependencies
  • Templates, guidance and decision support for planning and estimating – particularly useful for inexperienced delivery personnel
  • A Lessons Learned review, to inform future decisions and priorities

What you’ll achieve

  • A higher proportion of selected initiatives will be fit for purpose
  • The right capabilities and capacity will be in place to deliver change successfully
  • Stronger prioritisation, approval, compliance and sponsorship
  • Credibility of, confidence in and support for change will increase across the business
  • Greater visibility of data, which will help to provide insights that inform future decision-making

What to do next

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