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Right person, wrong place?

We’ve been lucky to have a few virtual events this week, which have spoilt me for choice when contemplating this week’s Friday Insight post for the Major Projects Knowledge Hub.

The PMO Impact Summit kicked off on Monday 10th, and runs online through to 23rd September. This week’s topics have covered the foundations and mindset for PMO stability, assessing the organisation for impact opportunities and defining an impact delivery model.

CA Technologies held a webinar hosted by Andy Jordan on “The Perfect Portfolio Manager”, and the PMI’s Organisational Agility Conference also took place (and is still available on demand to members).

What each of these events had in common was the emphasis they placed on laying solid foundations, to provide a platform for PMO development and evolution.

Andy Jordan’s session particularly highlighted the importance of environment and structure for effective portfolio management; how a portfolio manager needs to be empowered to act with authority, how an organisation needs to provide meaningful investment, a commitment to excellence and recognition of value if portfolio management is to deliver benefits across all areas of strategic execution.

How much impact does the environment you operate within or the structure of your organisation have on your ability to provide effective portfolio management? For example, a reporting line into a function like IT or finance creates a very different perception of the value of the PMO to the organisation than if that reporting line was to a C-level executive.

I’m a firm believer in the PMO’s role as “Agents for Change”, and I wonder how many practitioners out there realise that despite the skills and experience they may have, the right person in the wrong environment with the wrong support infrastructure has limited opportunities for success.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Originally posted as Friday Insight in the Major Projects Knowledge Hub