PMO Lifecycle

REVIEW: The PMO Lifecycle by William Dow, PMP

“The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running & Shutting Down” by William Dow, PMP is my go-to book when setting up or improving a PMO, and I keep it close to hand on my business bookshelf for easy reference.

It’s definitely a how-to manual, packed with checklists, diagrams and review questions to embed your learning. You can find a free sample chapter on Bill’s website here.

Also available is a wall poster outlining the 12 critical steps when setting up a PMO – something Bill was kind enough to allow me to reference as the basis of my Stand Up 4 PMO session in late 2018. He’s also created a playlist of 6 videos over on YouTube.

It’s an investment at around £50, but one you’ll be glad you made if you’re looking for a long-lasting, practical reference book.