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The Real “P” in PMO

This week’s shared insight is from a personal perspective, and something I hope will help you as you finish your working week and start looking forward to the next. As an independent, I move between organisations within different industry sectors on a regular basis. What I find fascinating about this is how differently PMO is […]

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PPM solutions: 6 questions to ask first

In the previous post, I cautioned against starting your PPM solution journey by contacting vendors and looking at the various tools on offer; that it’s the equivalent of deciding on a solution before you’ve fully understood what the problem is that you’re trying to solve. 6 questions to consider first… 1. What are the business […]

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So you think you need a PPM tool?

Picture this scenario: Your company has been running various projects and programmes for a while now, with varying degrees of success regarding delivery. Those that do go well often don’t embed as well as you’d hoped, and those that don’t – if only you could have had better visibility of when things started to go […]

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What is PMO?

A PMO – project, programme and/or portfolio management office – is the function or department that defines & maintains standards for managing change within an organisation. Providing expert guidance, support & coaching to the project management community, the PMO is seen as a strategic driver for excellence through best practice and the standardisation of approaches for project execution and governance. Usually […]

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Adding Value

What does it REALLY mean & how can the PMO achieve it? The truth is, it’s not up to the PMO to determine whether it is adding value or not – that decision is made by its customers. Also, the perceived value added will be different depending on the operational context of that PMO i.e. what […]

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