NEWS: Microsoft Partner Network

We’re pleased to announce that Growth Through Knowledge is now a member of the Microsoft Partner Network Over time, we’ve noticed that a large proportion of our customers are already using Microsoft cloud services for file sharing, storage, online meetings, and chat. These services are bundled into Office 365 along with best-in-class productivity apps like … Read more NEWS: Microsoft Partner Network

Actionable Insights

Would you like to create real business value from all that data and information you receive on a daily basis? What you need are actionable insights from data and information. Back in 2016, Forrester reported that 74% of businesses said they wanted to be “data-driven,” but only 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to … Read more Actionable Insights

REVIEW: The PMO Lifecycle by William Dow, PMP

PMO Lifecycle

“The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running & Shutting Down” by William Dow, PMP is my go-to book when setting up or improving a PMO, and I keep it close to hand on my business bookshelf for easy reference. It’s definitely a how-to manual, packed with checklists, diagrams and review questions to embed your learning. You can … Read more REVIEW: The PMO Lifecycle by William Dow, PMP