Nicole Reilly
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Nicole Reilly is a PMO Consultant, and was one of the first in Europe to achieve the IPMO-E certification with AIPMO in 2017.

Her specialism is leveraging data to drive effective project portfolio management decision-making.

Nicole has worked with companies such as HSBC, GWR, TicketMaster, AXA PPP Healthcare and BP Exploration, helping them to achieve growth through knowledge.

What has been common across many of Nicole’s roles, is that actionable insights from data have helped to increase sales, provide greater return on investment, or bring new products to market in the most timely and cost-effective ways.


Initially Nicole’s career focused on business data analysis and management information, working closely with senior executives and operational functions such as finance, HR, sales, marketing and IT to understand their challenges, and to translate those questions into requirements and solutions that made knowledge more accessible – and provided actionable insights. Nicole also spent 6 years in a client-facing role within the UK news trade,  establishing a reputation for effective project management when launching new products to market.

Her focus shifted towards business change in 2008 when Nicole joined what was then RBS Insurance – now Direct Line Group – as a Portfolio Analyst, where she also managed her first project portfolio management (PPM) solution implementation. Enhanced resource and financial management processes, alongside better visibility of work in progress across IT development projects, ultimately enabled the capitalisation of c.£5m in costs for that financial year.

Nicole is based in Canterbury, Kent (United Kingdom) with her husband and two children.  They enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, and her biggest passion is motorsport.