Hello and welcome – my name is Nicole Reilly, I’m an independent PMO professional with 25 years’ experience in operations and change across financial services, technology, transport & FMCG.

With a strong background in business analysis, my specialisms include process improvement, PPM tools (selection, implementation, administration) and project financial management.

My day job typically involves introducing new portfolio or programme management services or identifying ways to refresh existing functions.

I hope you find the content on the site useful; please leave your comments at the bottom of each post, and I’d be happy to hear from you via the Contact form if you’d like to suggest a future topic or ask me a specific question.  You can even book an initial consultation if you have a specific business challenge you’d like to discuss!

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So Why Growth Through Knowledge?

Before I discovered the world of PMO I was a Business Analyst, providing management information to support senior level decision-making.  I made use of spreadsheets and databases to turn data from all kinds of relevant sources into useful information, providing the organisations I worked for with the knowledge they needed to make decisions that would ultimately grow their business.

I worked closely with IT teams and various operational functions to understand what was needed, and translate that into requirements that would result in the delivery of solutions that made that knowledge more accessible.

In some of my roles, that knowledge helped to significantly increase product sales, persuade retail buyers to stock our products or to order more stock, or to get new products to market which may have not succeeded had we not provided robust market data to support our sales and marketing efforts.

So when the time came to explore opportunities as a freelancer, I felt that Growth Through Knowledge was a perfect way to describe the value that my services would offer to an organisation and it became my chosen brand.

I also identified with the idea of personal growth through knowledge – embracing opportunities to learn new things by reading, attending events, achieving professional certifications or listening and talking with those in my professional networks.

This site aims to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, as well as providing an opportunity to learn even more from those I interact with as result.

And the sunflower?  It’s a sunny, happy image that hopefully makes you smile!